The No Toast Zone

Not as bland as toast, but just as spicy

A No Toast Zone-type Day in the Park

Get your hands out of your lap, Maintenance Guy. There's an axe with your name on it.


Reflections on the Moon

Of course, it just could be my mood. It could be the “reflective” part of my PMS swing. The part that is deep, contemplative, meaningful…right before the terror begins.

Molotov Ink: One woman’s explosive tale

It all began when I decided that being the smartest, funniest, always correct, most meticulous and insightful editor, most fascinating writer, and extremely creative book cover designer in the room wasn't enough. I felt had to bless everyone by sharing... Continue Reading →

To My Dad for Father’s Day

  Bow to the master. I’ve already and always considered my sweet S.O. as someone possessing extreme patience but I hadn’t really considered how patient until he had to see me every single second of every day. Granted, just moving,... Continue Reading →

Because “Nice” Isn’t Getting Me Anywhere

A rant about everyone stupid enough to piss me off. Which apparently are "humans that breathe."

Not Hard to Imagine When It’s Happening

Banana peels...they're everywhere!!


How to answer Google's interview questions, by an expert (who has never done it.)

The Bitchin Scale

Despite what the  "melancholy", "artistic", and "deep" aura this photo is trying to convey, these girls walking on the "train tracks" at "dusk"  says quite a bit more than what's on the page....something like... that I typed in "friends" on... Continue Reading →

Thank You and Why Brunch on March 6th Was Perfect.

A humorous look back at Mo's subsequent week. “Brunch was awesome. You guys gotta do that more often!” —Happy brother-in-law I concur with the statement that brunch was awesome. Everyone was perfect and I didn’t stress out too much (considering... Continue Reading →

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