So, there are these fish that swim around on my iGoogle all day. If you click on the box, it feeds them. Just a couple clicks and they chase the little yellow dots of “food” and eat them. Well, now every time I open my browser, I have to feed them. I HAVE to. I start to worry that they are swimming around their pen searching desperately for their food bits. I was gone from work and essentially the computer during Christmas and when I got back I was almost panicked with worry for them. These computer fish swimming around missing their food, shriveling up, starving, blaming me, cursing my name in tiny animated bubbles. I imagined I would come back to work to find computer fish carcasses floating to the top of my home page. I was consumed with worry for them. Considering that I almost poisoned my cat this weekend from an overdose of de-wormer, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my mothering skills.
    Like a true Christmas miracle, the fish survived.
     And, oh, the worms are gone.